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Images must be at a minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch at 100% print size.

Binding service - High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire - Higgs Printing - memory device

Printing artwork in Henley-on-Thames

The in-house designers at Higgs Printing have one significant advantage over others: they work alongside our own printing facilities and therefore understand the most effective (and practical) designs that lend themselves to printing.
We can produce designs that reflect your corporate identity in every area of sales and marketing, allowing you to have the greatest impact on your customer.
For more information or a free quote, call our friendly staff on 01491 419 429 or
01491 419 409

Submitting artwork

Text copy:
Copy for setting can be supplied in plain text (.txt) or rich text format (.rtf).
Image files (bitmap):
Images must be supplied in either JPEG (.jpg) or TIFF (.tif) format, at a minimum resolution of 200 pixels per inch at 100% print size
Graphic files (vector):
Vector graphic files can be supplied in PDF format or as EPS files with fonts embedded or converted to outlines.

Complete artwork

We only accept completed digital artwork in PDF format, preferably sent via AdFast (see
for details).
PDF files can be produced from all software packages with a '/print' option, either by using Adobe Acrobat Professional (online at ) or with software from another vendor, such as pdf995 (from ).

Acceptable media:

  • CD-R
  • CD-RW
  • CD-ROM
  • DVD+/-R
  • DVD+/-RW
  • Removeable USB memory devices
    It is a breach of copyright law to accept fonts supplied to us by clients. Fonts are, however, embedded in supplied PDF files and there is no need to supply font files in addition to the PDF.
    For more information or a free quote, call our friendly staff on 
    01491 419 429 or 
    01491 419 409
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